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Chico, CA Family Photographer::Hansen Family

Okay, photographing this family doesn’t feel like work! We absolutely love them. Kevin and Annalisa were some of our first friends here in Chico and the first family we took photos of! 
Polly is such a great listener and does a great job in front of the camera. I showed her one photo in my camera and then she kept wanting to see what she looked like! How can you blame her?! She is so adorable and grown up!
She has such beautiful eyes!
You probably won’t believe me when I tell you that Annalisa is almost 8 months pregnant. No, that wasn’t a typo–she looks amazing! Our little boys will be about 2 months apart and they are bound to be best buds. I’m sure Polly will impart on them all of her older sister wisdom!:)

Kevin, Annalisa, and Polly–thank you for being such great friends. We adore your family and are so thankful to have you here in Chico with us! And Happy almost 3rd Birthday Polly! You will be the best big sister!

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