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Broderick::4 months

Sorry for the lack of posting–we have had family in town for the past week! Lots of fun and pretty busy. Although, we did lay around the house lots too:)
Broderick was spoiled like crazy by his grandparents. He got lots of snuggles and he even took a few bottles from Travis’ Mom (which has been a struggle).
A few new things that Brody is doing during his fourth month–rolling over lots from his back to his tummy, grabbing his toes, drooling buckets, sleeping on his side and eventually rolling to his tummy for the latter end of his naps. This kind of made me nervous at first but he is pretty strong and does a great job at lifting his head and turning it to the side to breathe.

4 Month Check up:
17lbs. 3oz. 90%
26 inches 90%
Head circ.44.7cm 97%

See the drool I was talking about?? BUCKETS. I really don’t mind the drool but Travis–he can’t take it. He is wiping it up every chance he gets!
So, I’ve had people ask me what his schedule usually looks like, so here you go. Brody has officially dropped his last nap. We had him drop this nap because we had to wake him up a few times because when we would put him down for a nap around 6pm, he would just keep sleeping as if it were bedtime. Here is what our days look like:
7:30-8am–wake up
play and hang out while mommy & daddy eat dinner
8:30–down for the night
Travis will get him out of his crib every morning. If I get him, he usually wants to eat right away. This…I like very much:) I get to sleep another 30 minutes or so while Brody and Travis hang out while Daddy eats breakfast. Win-win:)
Travis is the one to put him to bed every night too. I’m a blessed woman:) I feed him and hand him off to Daddy for bed time. Travis is much better at swaddling him then I am. We are going to have to stop swaddling him soon–we is totally out of it by the time he wakes up. We only swaddle him at nighttime. He sleeps in his crib for all of his naps and bedtime. What a trooper!

His naps range anywhere from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. If he wakes up around 45 minutes he is usually still tired but won’t go back to sleep. We all are in better moods after the 1.5 hour naps:)

He is seriously such a joy to be around. He is a very easy-going baby. He sleeps great (Praise the Lord!) and he smiles at everyone–even the old ladies who come up to us in every store we go into. I don’t tell them that he smiles at everyone:) They think they are special so I’ll just let them keep thinking that! 
I’m so thankful for this little space where I can document Brody’s life and share it with you! Thanks for following!

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