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Five on Friday

I usually don’t remember it is Friday until half way through the day. Then I get all excited and usually decide to bake something to celebrate;) I’m never going to shed these excess baby pounds…
Onto my five!

We had some great friends stay with us for the holiday weekend. I absolutely LOVE having people stay with us–so much fun to wake up and have breakfast together in our pjs:) It was a cool Memorial Day so we had hot coffee in our hands with the windows open and cool breeze. Perfection!
Travis went shooting(guns…not cameras) with some of his friends and us ladies went to treat ourselves to TeaBar. I think we ought to make that a weekly thing:)
My mom called me this week to tell me that she rescued a baby mouse. She tried to take it to the local animal rescue place and they told her that they feed baby rodents to the owls. She just couldn’t handle that. She sent me a video of it–it is the size of her thumb nail. Cute–but I think I’d let the owl have a mini feast. Is that too harsh?
My mom comes into town today and I get so excited when I get the text from her that she is on her way! Yay for Nana! I am shooting a wedding tomorrow so she gets to babysit. I’m so thankful for the best babysitter around!!
I’ve been having Brody spend some time alone in his room in the mornings after he eats “breakfast”. He sits on the floor and plays with his toys. It has been such a peaceful 15 minutes–I think it is good for him and me:) I walked by his room and saw this heavenly sight…
Enjoy your weekend everyone. It’s going to be a hot one here!!

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