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Chico, CA Portrait Photographer:: LeDuc Family

I have to start this post by thanking God that this family’s oldest daughter did not get bitten by the Rattle snake that was feet from her! Scariest moment of my Photography career thus far.
Moving on…these kids are the most adorable balls of energy that you’ll ever see! I was excited when Alli contacted me about taking their photos and knew it was going to be lots of giggles and silly faces. It is amazing how their individual personalities show through the photos.
Enjoy this little glimpse into our time spent together.
 This next set of photos definitely portrays their personalities.
 I am in love with these two photos–love amidst the chaos.
And we will end with this sweet photo of Peter and his first baby. 
Thank you, LeDuc family for spending time with me out in the hot summer heat! 

And thank you for being my extra hands, Erin! You did great in your Assistant debut;)

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