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Vacation:: South Lake Tahoe

We got into Chico last night around midnight and I’m loving looking through all of our photos from this past week in Tahoe. My mom lives in South Lake Tahoe and we try to get over there about 5 times a year. I mean, it’s Tahoe–why not!?
This summer we invited some friends to join us and I think it might become an annual trip! Ours friends let us use their big Van so we could all fit in one car together. That made the trip so much more fun! Our friends who joined us, Andrew and Amber, have a little girl who is a few months older than Brody. Talia is such a sweet little girl and surprised us all by LOVING the cold Tahoe water. Brody on the other hand–not so much. His lips turned blue the moment his feet hit the shore! 
We spent lots of time on the beach. My mom and Keith took us out on the boat the first day that we were there. The sun is pretty intense up there so we reapplied sunscreen to our baby’s little bodies lots! They did great.

 We also got to meet up with some friends who were also vacationing in Tahoe. I wish I had gotten a pictured of us all! We lounged on their beach and enjoyed a yummy pizza dinner at a local restaurant–hi Lynnette and Matt. Thanks so much!!
 We found a favorite local deli (after I was very grumpy after eating at a bad one) and, of course, got Ice Cream at Camp Richardson Creamery! We hiked down into Emerald Bay and dipped the baby’s toes in the water. (Thank you honey for being my walking stick on the trek back up the mountain! Brody enjoying the ride on mommy in the Ergo=an extra 25 pounds on me!)

A few other highlights included S’mores by the campfire after the babies were tucked in bed, playing games and laughing/crying with each other until way too late, yummy French-pressed coffee a few times a day(we almost went through a Costco bag of coffee!), and making memories with our little families.
Thank you for a great trip, friends! And thank you for always allowing baby stuff to take over your house, Mom!:)
We had such a great time and I can’t believe Travis’ vacation is almost over! It has been fun–really, really fun! Spending time in San Diego, Chico, and Tahoe was the perfect way to spend 4 weeks off together. And we aren’t even sick of each other yet!;) Well, I can only speak for myself… 
We took photos the above with our iPhones.
July 13, 2013 - 3:43 pm

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July 13, 2013 - 3:44 pm

PaulBehee - Rad! Looks like a great family time! :)

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