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Broderick::Ten Months

Seriously, these photos are so indicative of our day today! Brody has cut four teeth on the top in the past few weeks. He has been a bit clingy and this grouchy face–it is common around here. He is all smiles once daddy walks through the door at the end of the day, though! Go figure:)
 This scrunch nose face makes me laugh! You can kinda see his top teeth poking through in the photo on the bottom left. Bottom teeth are cute. Top teeth are weird.
 Oh, you look so angelic:)
 Remember my post about his faces? Seriously, kid…
You have the most contagious laugh and you love your food! You have definitely become a daddy’s boy and go about your day screeching “DADADADADA”. You’re quite ticklish and love playing chase around the Ottoman.
 We attempted to take one together–he hit me in the face after this and then sat on the floor crying for a bit.
 Then he was happy. 
I have to say, it is so much more difficult to take photos of a moving baby! It was so easy when he just sat there! Also, that hair–it has just gotten way too out of control! Daddy says it can’t be cut until he is ONE! Oi vey!
 I’m pretty obsessed with his pudgy fingers in this next photo…
And we will bid you adieu with this photo. Have a great weekend!:)
Happy TEN months to the craziest and most lovable baby I know! We just adore and love you so much. Life means so much more being your mommy!

(Happy Birthday to Grandpa Broderick!! Glad you got to do your favorite thing on your bday–hang on the boat with your buddies and catch some yummy yellow fin tuna! We love you!!)

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