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Broderick:: A Reminder in Capturing the Memories.

I wrote a whole blog post about an update on our lives and then I realized that I just really wanted to share how I’ve struggled to take a single photo of Brody over the past few months. My camera hasn’t left it’s home in the office except for work-related projects. 
I told myself that I have to take more photos of my boy–And NOT on my phone. Having an iPhone has a lot of perks but it has definitely put a damper in my motivation to take photos with my DSLR.
So today, despite it being hot and bright out, I took my camera out. Just take it out. Put your camera on the counter and I promise you will use it more! 
Brody has cuts on his lip and chin from being quite overzealous while throwing a baseball. His feet came out from right underneath him and his face caught his fall. All this to say, even though your kids might not be picture perfect–are they ever?!–take out your camera. I am so guilty of justifying with “The sun is super harsh” or “He isn’t matching” or “He is literally covered in dirt”. 
That’s life and if we only took pictures of our children when they were cut-free, dirt-free and mix-match-free…well…we would miss out on capturing the memories. 
So here is what our little boy looks like these days–Rosy cheeks, scrapes on his face and playing with water out of an old Dutch Bros cup. 
And in case you are wondering–Brody has a HUGE head and Travis found this hat on Amazon for $8. It is youth size and is perfect for Spring….when he actually leaves it on his head!
Looking back through these photos of moments from our every day put a smile on my face. I can honestly say I don’t think you will ever regret taking photos of your family. 
I hope this encourages you! I know I needed the reminder:)
April 25, 2014 - 9:27 pm

Alana T. - Danielle – He is absolutely adorable! He's growing so fast! You and Travis make beautiful children :) Hope all is well! Take care, xoxo

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