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Baby Number 2 is on the way!

We are 16 weeks pregnant with our second little baby!

Well, Brody was not a little baby but I’m hoping this baby doesn’t take after Brody in the large head department! I keep thinking about the moment we get to meet this baby and it gives me butterflies. We are so excited!

We are excited, nervous, anxious, praying, thankful, so thankful, and sleeping lots. This pregnancy has been fairly similar to my pregnancy with Brody with the nausea, food aversions & cravings, exhaustion, etc. Don’t bring a hamburger around me but please drop off some fresh fruit and veggies:)I seem to be a bit more tired this time around but I’m attributing that to spending my days playing with Brody.
This baby is due mid October and I’m thrilled about the time of year! Baby #2 will be one month shy of 2 years younger than Brody. I keep telling myself that this age gap will be so fun…at some point:) We find out if this little one is a boy or girl in less than two weeks! My hunch is telling me boy. Really only because this pregnancy is very similar to Brody’s and I’m dying to use our next boy name! 😉 We will truly be THRILLED either way!
Brody doesn’t quite understand that there is a baby in mommy’s tummy. He does, however, think it is absolutely hilarious to say that there is a baby in his tummy! We will be working lots on gentleness and independent play time, as I am kind of nervous of the mischief my 2 year old will get into while I am taking care of a newborn! Any tips?:)

I wasn’t sure when to share this great news as this time around it has been put on my heart to be even more sensitive to those who struggle to get pregnant, stay pregnant, have healthy babies, etc. I have had tearful conversations with friends who are dreaming of having their own–yet still waiting for the time to come. I thought those conversations were tough on me…It’s definitely not toughest on me. Anyways, all that to say that I wish for you to know my heart and that we are so thankful for this new, healthy life growing in me. Even on the tough mornings and exhausted evenings, we are thankful and oh-so-grateful.

I thought now was a great time to share this news because I just felt the first little kicks! This is the same time that I felt them with Brody so I’ve been aware to pay attention. I felt a few little popcorn kicks then looked at my belly and saw a few more. I have a feeling this little one will be active just like big brother!!:)

(Ultrasound at 10 weeks where we saw this little gummy bear and fell in love hearing the heartbeat!)

Thank you all for your sweet words and excitement for our family! We would appreciate your prayers for this baby who we already know is being so perfectly made. 

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