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Broderick::Baking Cookies

I am the kind of person who likes a clean kitchen.(Who doesn’t?!) It’s one of my spaces in our home that makes me either feel organized or in complete chaos. All that to say that I clean as I bake–meaning I take all of my ingredients out before starting and put each item away after I add it to the mixing bowl. BUT, becoming a mom has changed the way I bake. I now see it as a way to involve Brody and to help the time in the day go by more pleasantly!:) 
Brody and I had to bake cookies for a cake walk and I went to my trusty easiest cookie recipe ever(thanks Amber!). 

1 cup sugar, 1 cup pb, 1 egg, 1 tsp vanilla and 1 cup chocolate chips.  Bake at 350 for 10 mins–and they’re gluten free and so good!
 Anyways, I truly have to let go of my clean kitchen when I choose to involve Brody. He is getting to an age where he absolutely loves anything in the kitchen and can really do more than I give him credit for. He’s starting to toast his own bread in the morning, put bottom rack dishes away(once I’ve removed the knives), help cut fruit for Brinley with a butter knife, etc. 
 I love seeing his excitement and hearing his little voice say things like “OK, ok, this is what we need” and “Oh, I see” and repeating the measurements after me “Oh, yeah, one cup peanut butta”. I want to bottle his little 2 year old voice up and keep it in my pocket!!:)

He spilled the sugar while trying to close the lid. It stresses me out for a split second then I thought it looked really pretty so I took a photo. 😉 

Once he sees me photographing him, he has to have a turn taking his photo. So I switch to lens that is short enough for us to take a quick selfie. See his chocolate chip drool? It’s payment for the help!

I just bought an amazing prime lens(105mm 2.8) and got it just minutes before we were going to start baking cookies. So, I figured I’d check out it’s fabulousness. It is a macro lens–I bought this to be able to capture the close details of my clients in Portrait, Birth and Fresh 48 sessions. This is something that gets me so excited! I love photography and a good lens–it’s like icing on the cookie! 😉

Oh, did you want a photo of the yummy cookies? Sorry. This baking session ended in a time out so the cookies were finished and eaten by me. Ha!

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