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Disneyland 2016


Thank you to Oma and Opa for this trip of a lifetime!! We never would have made this a priority so we are very grateful that Travis’ parents did! The kids were surely spoiled and so were we!

Brody and Brinley both did a great job throughout the busy day at Disneyland–we didn’t realize how packed it would be due to the Holiday. Brody had a rough start with some of the creepy “kids” rides. I’m not sure why Disney has so many creepy things! Witches, werewolves, creepy bunnies, etc. But, once we found the Dumbo ride, teacups, and Buzz Lightyear stuff we were good to go!

2016-02-24_00032016-02-24_00042016-02-24_0005Brinley was really just along for the ride! She wanted to explore and would walk around, clapping and dancing to the music that was playing. 2016-02-24_00062016-02-24_00072016-02-24_00082016-02-24_00092016-02-24_0010

Brody’s favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear one. We could have guessed this since it was basically going through a maze on a spinning car while you shoot targets! A boy’s DREAM!

We waited in line for about 25 minutes for the StarWars 3-D ride. Brody was crying as we had him sit down but once it started, he LOVED it and wanted to do it again.

Brody was a bit bummed that the Storm Troopers who walked by him wouldn’t reach out and give him a high five. They were too busy “patrolling” as the lady told me when I asked if he could get a high five. Give me a break. Aren’t these characters there to make little kid’s days?? They had a very important job to do! 😉

Brody was in HEAVEN as he got a personal meet and greet with Spiderman! He was just jumping up and down and wasn’t even talking. It was so cute! He told Spiderman that he loved the Buzz Lightyear game and he got the high five he’d been dying for! He even gave Spidey a hug when he left.

2016-02-24_00112016-02-24_00122016-02-24_00132016-02-24_00142016-02-24_00152016-02-24_00162016-02-24_0017This is a day that we will never forget! It was so much fun, great weather, and full of memories made! Brody literally fell asleep in his carseat before the car was put in drive.:)2016-02-24_0018Thank you, Oma and Opa!!!


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