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Broderick:: 5 Years Old

Brody, our big five year old boy!

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Year FIVE was a big one for him. Brody became a big brother to two siblings, started TK, learned to ride a two wheeler bike, started to sound out words and try to read, learned to swim and participated in his first organized sport (wrestling).


A big change I have seen in Brody this year is his confidence in situations where he is nervous. We are so proud of him pushing his limits and persevering through trials! Travis and I see how his sensitivity and emotions seem to get in the way of him succeeding at something he can physically do. Brody has shown so much growth in this, we can’t wait to watch him accomplish lots this year!

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Brody’s ideal day as a five year old would likely include a play date with every friend he could possibly include. He asks every day, “Mom, can _____ come over and play? What about _____? When can ______come play?”. He loves to play Ninja and Star Wars with his buddies, especially his friends Jaden and Noah. He loves to ride bikes with this friends and often asks if Ethan and Owen can ride bikes or wrestle.:)Brody loves legos, catching lizards, exploring outside, getting a treat at TeaBar (Mango frost), doing dance parties(ninja kicks), going to the park and playing soccer & baseball in the yard with daddy. His favorite food is steak and he wants to be a police officer and baseball player when he grows up. He has started to do chores and has two that he does regularly–emptying the silverware from the dishwasher every day and taking care of the recycling with daddy.

Brody doesn’t like squash, is not a fan of when daddy cuts his hair, and doesn’t like being on stage in front of large crowds. Brody still thinks getting married is gross and looks away when characters in shows or movies show affection. This is hilarious to us because he can’t get enough mommy hugs & kisses but thinks girlfriends are gross. Ha! I’ll take it.:)

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Brody has been given a sensitive & empathetic heart. We pray that this allows him to see those hurting and be a light to them. We talk often about being the kid in class who includes the one who is being left out. We love the inquisitive mind of this five year old. He is full of questions and the things that he thinks and says are so real. We have such in incredible opportunity to encourage him–it is an honor.

We love this boy so much!! Happy 5th birthday, baby boy.

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