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Wildflowers::Reid Family

One upside to all of the rain that we experienced in Northern California is the wildflowers that followed! This session took place out at The Book Family Farm in Durham, CA. You can go check out their beautiful property, get tours of the working farm, and enjoy their fun pumpkin patch in the Fall!

ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-5ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-11ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-2ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-8ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-20ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-21ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-15ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-27ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-31ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-36ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-39ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-49ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-50ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-29ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-51ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-54ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-56ReidsSpring2019AlbiniPhoto-47It was so fun spending time with this beautiful family out amongst the wildflowers at the Book Family Farm! Amber was worried their puppy Koa would attack the chickens who were in their hen house and had a front row seat to our session. Pretty sure she contemplated it–that puppy life is a good life!

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