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Chico California Photographer::I’m a List Person

When I get stressed about all of the ‘things’ bouncing around in my head that need to get done, making a list normally takes the edge of anxiety away. Normally.

We are 25 weeks pregnant. That means we have give or take 15 weeks left. It has gone by so unbelievably fast and I know these next few months will be the same(maybe a little slower). So what does this mean? It means I am FREAKING OUT INSIDE. When I come home with an afternoon off, I think of all of the things I need to do to get ready for this cute little guy. However, they don’t get done.
So, I am writing a list. I am writing a list for my sanity. In college I had my planner with me everywhere I went. I’d even write things like “grab lunch” or “pick up milk”. Now that it has been a while since college, my planner is more for work so I don’t use it to the same degree. I think I need to get a big one and start to rely on it more. Are you a list person? 
Here is a look at my list so far for things to do before baby Albini gets here. I realize you probably don’t care to know these things, but again…it is partially for my sanity:).
::Buy dresser
::Paint frames darker orange and hang up
::Paint mirror border teal and hang up
::Get excess fabric from Mom to put in Embroidery hoops
::Cut and sew curtains(move excess to bathroom curtains)
::Create art for three frames
::Deep clean carpets
::Wash all his clothes
::Install carseat and bases in each car
::Clean all bottles and pump gear
::Pack hospital bag

Iphone photo.

The things that are stressing me out are mainly for getting his room ready. Which, in reality, isn’t that big of a deal. He won’t be sleeping in there for a little while and he won’t know if the frames aren’t up. But, if I can’t get my first baby’s Nursery done then our next kids are doomed!:)
For you Moms out there, what am I missing? What were some big items on your ‘to-do’ lists before baby? 
Thanks for reading!
August 9, 2012 - 10:58 pm

Katelyn Owens - Hmm…your list looks pretty good! I had a lot of baby related things on my list…but also other personal/work things I wanted to get done before he got here. Things like: update my website with new photos, paint my office,deep clean car, organizing everything int he house, paint canvases for his room, spend time with friends!, buy new desk, etc! Believe it or not, I got it all done before he arrived! It made i go by faster too :) My list for getting things done concerning baby were: wash clothes, paint furniture, clean toys/bottles, buy costco diapers/wipes, sort clothes, paint bookshelf, pack hospital bag, find pediatrician, etc. As you can see, I am definitely a list person too! I'm sure you'll get it all done! :)

August 12, 2012 - 2:01 pm

Morgan - Take deep breaths. It will all get done. And if it doesn't get done before he arrives, he will sleep enough during the day for you to finish! All you really need to have done before he gets here is a crib with some sheets and a carseat (even if it isn't installed before you have him, Travis can do it while you are in the hospital:) You guys are going to be great and once he is here, you won't even think about the stuff you didn't get done! But for what it's worth, I am a planner like you too. Just keep making lists and you'll get it done!!!

Chico California Photographer::Full

One day after Travis and I had put away our groceries, I said to him “You know what one of my simple pleasures in life is? It’s a full fruit basket.” He probably didn’t really respond with more than a “yeah”:). I love the bananas hanging, the apples and peaches ready to be eaten, and lemons ready to be squeezed. Then I kind of stopped myself. Wait a minute–this is not a simple pleasure whatsoever
A full fruit basket is something that a lot of people in the world will never experience. Some people will never have a single banana in their life. When we pull a banana of that bunch and casually eat it, we are taking part in a pleasure of our life’s circumstances…but not everyone’s. 
What is a ‘simple pleasure’ in your life that you realize is much more than simple? I’d love to hear!
August 12, 2012 - 1:55 pm

Morgan - I would definitly have to say the washing machine and dishwasher! There is no better feeling than having all the dishes sparkling in the cupboards and all the laundry smelling fresh in the closets. Plus with two little ones making messes I can't imagine how much time I would spend cleaning if it weren't for those two modern appliances in my home. Not to mention they are IN MY HOME. I don't have to walk or drive to the laundry mat to do my laundry like I did in college. We are super super blessed!!!

24 weeks

I can’t imagine what women go through who are due in this summer heat. I’m so thankful that I am due in late Fall because I am starting to feel the heat! 
“How are you feeling?” is probably the most common question asked during pregnancy. It is nice to say “great” and truly feel that you’re being honest. I think because I have heard about so many difficult pregnancies, I really do feel great–especially knowing what some women have to endure. 
I just keep telling people that I feel like I am in this middle stage(2nd trimester) of not being sick anymore and not being huge yet. I am enjoying it. Baby boy is moving a lot and I have a good amount of energy. Like everyone, I feel pretty sluggish in this 100+ degree heat but I have still been somewhat active. From Photography sessions to playing tennis with my hubby–I’m grateful to be able to and have the energy to be active.
Weeks: 24
Weight gain:13 pounds total.
Baby’s size: He has gained approx. 4 oz. since last week–a little over a pound.
Changes: Got my first teeny tiny pregnancy stretch mark–not on my belly. My mom asked me this weekend if Travis was happy that the boob fairy came to our house. Ha!
Maternity clothes: Still a mix of my regular clothes and a few maternity pieces.
Food cravings: Sweets and chocolate. Still loving fruit and salads.
Food aversions: None that I can think of.
Best moment this week: Getting our first pack of diapers–who knew that would be so exciting?? I pulled one out and it was so tiny. Travis and I were in awe of how little newborn diapers are.
Worst moment this week: Seriously getting up to go to the bathroom about 5 times every night. I think it is decent training for when this little one comes and my sleep is being broken up.
Missing anything: Letting the girls that I nanny climb on me and sit on my lap. I have to be careful now because they kind of bulldoze me:)
Looking forward to: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat again tomorrow. We had an appt. last week but while we were waiting to get called in, our dr. got called to a delivery.

Oh, and just wondering–who came up with steeplechase in the Olympics and how have I not seen it before? Seems weird that they run then hurdle into water. Huh.

Chico California Maternity Photographer::Happy Monday!

Well, it is Monday and I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I spent mine in South Lake Tahoe with a group of fellow bridesmaids and one great bride-to-be. It was a fun Bachelorette weekend and I am excited to get back to editing. 

We got to spend last night with some of our best friends for their Maternity session–love getting to capture great people in front of my camera! 

I wish we would have gotten video of Andrew during this session. He was quite the entertainer and eventually I told Travis to be the one to talk with Andrew during these photos because I couldn’t tell if what he was doing in front of the camera was serious or not:)

He was singing Bruno Mars “Just The Way You Are” to Amber while Travis took this photo of his wife.
This week will be full of lots of editing for me and I’m looking forward to another family session this weekend. 
Have a great week. It seems that summer is coming to an end–soak it in!

23 weeks

This week was quite productive. I got toys cleaned, baby clothes washed, a closet somewhat organized, living room furniture rearranged–and now I’m done for a while. I keep thinking that I need to take advantage of the little urges to clean and organize because they are few and far between.

Weeks: 23

Weight gain:10.5 total. I lost a few last week–started going on more walks and eating better. Definitely eating lots and tummy is getting bigger, though!
Baby’s size: A little over 1 pound.
Maternity clothes: Just been wearing lots of tank tops and comfy shorts–very attractive.
Changes: Feeling LOTS of movement and it goes across my entire stomach now. 
Food cravings: CHOCOLATE.
Food aversions: Nothing, really.
Best moment this week: Organizing his room and doing his first of many loads of laundry.
Worst moment this week: Haven’t slept too great the past few nights but I don’t think it is pregnancy related–except that I can’t sleep on my stomach or back.
Missing anything: Eating normally scheduled meals–I am basically always hungry:)
Looking forward to: A friend’s Bachelorette Party this weekend in Tahoe–I’m looking forward to the girl time and the beach time.

I have a sweet husband who kisses me on the forehead. I appreciate that.

Thank you for taking these photos of us, Kris!:)