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Chico California Photographer::Adventure

You know those friends who just always seem to get you? They are truly genuine and tend to be the most encouraging in times of need. That is my friend Krissy. She listens when you need her to listen and she gives advice when needed. Her husband is equally as amazing. Not to mention their hilarious humor, gorgeous style, and contagious need for adventure in life!

These two are heading across the country in a few months to start an adventure–a farming adventure. When Krissy called me a while back to talk about this move, I remember saying “Why not?!”. My advice is do it while you can. Besides all of us missing them like crazy, there is no reason not to go! I am really excited for them and know that this will be a growing experience for their marriage, their careers, and them individually.

While in town this past weekend for our dear friend’s wedding, we got to sneak away with them for some photos and a little coffee date. I will be sharing more of their photos later but here is a sneak peek of our time spend together!
 We love you two–can’t wait to share more photos. We had a blast(as always) and come back to Chico soon:)

Chico California Photographer::Nesting at 23 weeks?

Nesting: an uncontrollable urge to clean one’s house brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for the new baby, to tie up loose ends of projects, and to organize your world. 

Yesterday afternoon/evening was really fun for me. And by fun, I mean laundry, organizing, and spending a lot of time on the floor in the nursery.
I posted this photo on instagram(mrsdla).
A few days ago, as you might’ve read in the last post, friends of ours welcomed their little girl into the world–4 weeks early. That, combined with some of our best friends having their nursery coming together(they’re due in mid September), I think I got the itch to get our little one’s room together. Yes, we are not even 6 months along but I have been spending a lot of my time thinking about how to lay out his room and moving furniture all over the house(Travis moves the furniture with a smile on his face). 
His closet seems stuffed because we don’t have a dresser yet. I am really wanting to buy this dresser that will double as a changing table. It’s from Ikea and we know it is on sale right now but trying to figure out some logistics of how to get it since we don’t have an Ikea super close to us. (And not really wanting to spend $250 right now.)

We seriously feel overwhelmed with how generous people are. We have not purchased a single item of clothing for our baby boy–besides a few garage sale $1 items.
Every time we visit family, they have something for the baby. 
Friends have given us literally trash bags full of baby boy clothes(6mo to 18 mo), toys, and bottles. The family I work for gave us a Boppy, a Bumbo, a bottle warmer, and we purchased our carseat and two bases from them.
Anyways, jumbled thoughts on the blog today. 
I will definitely be doing a Nursery post once we have everything all together, which will probably be a few months!
Thanks for following and if you have any thoughts on Nursery dressers, please share:)

Chico California Photographer::In Awe

While visiting some of our good friends in the hospital after they had their baby girl, I was in awe. Of a lot of things, really.

I was in awe that she was a she! Our friends had decided not to find out what they were having and we were all thinking boy (the dad’s family is all boys!).

I was in awe that she came 4 weeks early and was just so little and perfect. No breathing tubes or medical assistance needed, just wrapped in a blanket–dozing in my arms.

I was in awe that her little cries were more endearing than anything. Travis said as we were walking out “I loved hearing her cry. It’s so cute”. (I think that’ll fade.)

I was in awe of this baby’s momma (&daddy). We were in the room that she delivered in, just two hours after giving birth, and she looked amazing. Truly.

I was in awe of how real this all made my pregnancy seem. At the end of this there will be a labor and delivery–that has seemed like such a far ways away. But really, it isn’t. It is just around the corner.

I was really in awe of how good God is. Seeing a newborn is proof that we have an amazing creator.

(that’s my hand under her feet–just so you can get a feel of how preciously tiny she is.)

Chico California Photographer::Found some goodies

I found some goodies. I can’t tell you how excited I was to find these photos while cleaning up some memory cards. I thought I had lost them. Last January we had some friends stay with us while in town for a wedding. We decided to go out in our backyard and take some photos. These put a serious smile on my face.
 I love everyone in these photos and their expressions. We were a crazy bunch that weekend and it was great! Jumping in one mile pool(a manmade pool of flowing creek water in Bidwell Park) at midnight when it was FA-REEZING–we felt like kids again.
So, this post is to you friends. Looking forward to doing it again!

22 weeks

Hi there friends! I officially feel pregnant now. I get these little smiles from strangers after I notice them look down at my belly. 
While at Travis’ parent’s house Friday night, I was laying on the floor while a few of us watched my belly jiggle and bounce from baby kicks. My stomach looked little,I thought–so compact and like a cantaloupe was under my shirt.
Fast forward to Saturday and all of a sudden I felt big. It could have partly been this dress that I was wearing. It was tightest right above my belly and then just flowed–it didn’t form to my figure. However, even Travis’ mom said that I looked a lot bigger than the day before! Ah!
I do have some pictures of my face in this outfit but we had just gotten back from shooting a wedding and my cheeks were still bright red from standing in the sun:)
Onto 22 week deets…
Weeks: 22
Weight gain: 12.5 (oops…we ate a lot the past week!)
Baby’s size: About 11 inches long and weighing a little over 1 pound.
Maternity clothes: Tops are getting a little short but still work. I bought some yoga pants for $9, the dress pictured above for $12, and a high waisted skirt for $10 all on sale from Target. I was in need of some bottoms that were comfy.
Changes: I really think I’ve popped out–I also think I’ll be saying that every week from here on out!
Food cravings: Sweets and carbs…maybe thats why I gained an extra pound this week. Need to be more disciplined.
Food aversions: Nothing really.
Best moment this week: Feeling him move so much is such a great reassurance that he is doing well–I enjoy it a lot! We also got to skype with our new niece and see our sister with her new baby! 
Worst moment this week: I am tired. I took a nap yesterday and it was amazing. 
Missing anything: Not really.
Looking forward to: Getting closer to November!