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Desires of my heart

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, I have been thinking about what it will be like to be a mom. Yes, I know the stages children go through. I understand that I will want to pull my hair out some days and wonder which friend of mine will take my kid for an hour so I can get my sanity back. But, I am thinking more about the bigger picture–The desires of my heart as a mother.

I desire that my children know their maker.
I desire to be a positive role model–in spite of the times of frustration.
I desire that friends will come to me for advice and encouragement. Not because I act like I have it all figured out but because I love them and their children well.
I want to be humble enough to say I’m sorry–to my children and their daddy.
I desire that when they grow up, they say that their mom was the type of parent they want to be.
I want their friend’s parents to want to have my children over to play–because they are respectful, loving, and well-behaved.
I desire for my children to know how much Travis and I love them.
I know I will not be perfect, that I will fall–but, I desire the strength to dust my pants off and try again.
I desire the patience to discipline well.
I desire to have enough thankfulness to not be a parent who complains about the stressors of parenthood.(remind me of this when I complain, please!)
I desire to acknowledge each day as new.
I desire for my children to have joyful hearts.
I desire the ability to model to my children how to speak the truth in love.
I really desire that my children strive to speak kind words to others and to think kind thoughts about themselves.

I imagine that when I have a newborn my desires will look like this…

I desire sleep.
I desire a maid.
I desire sleep.
I desire Jenny Craig.
I desire sleep.

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