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Welcome to my website and thanks for checking it out!

When you decide to invest in Portrait or Birth Photography, there are plenty of questions that arise. I thought I would try to help by sharing some answers to your Frequently Asked Questions.

Where are you located and what areas do you service?

I am located in the beautiful Chico, California. Chico is 1.5 hours North of Sacramento. We frequently service Northern California, South Lake Tahoe, and San Diego–due to family living in those areas. If you are wondering if we will travel for a Portrait Session, the answer is yes. Travel costs vary.

How does Birth Photography work?

This question requires a lot of information. I will try to give a little insight here but please email me! When you book me for your Birth Photography needs, I am on call two weeks prior and two weeks after your due date–day or night. I only book two due dates per month as to not have any conflicts. I am available for both Hospital Births and Home Births or wherever else you could possibly deliver a baby!:)

What are my payment options?

I accept any major credit card through PayPal, Venmo, checks and cash.

What do I wear for a Portrait Session?

This is the most common question I get asked for Portrait Photography. I always answer with “something that represents you”. I recommend looking at photos that you like via friend’s photos, Pinterest, etc. and envision how you want your style to look. I would steer clear of White or Black shirts and try to coordinate colors if you are doing a Family Session.  Ultimately, wear something that makes you feel good.

Please email me any further questions. I would be happy to answer them!