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Special Moments

The special moments in life are fleeting. But, there are so many that it keeps me on my toes–waiting for the next to arrive.

Last night Travis and I were getting ready for bed. He came and sat next to me with his head resting on my stomach. He said “Hi.” I just assumed he was talking to me. Then he said “I am your father.” You know, in the Darth Vader voice…who could resist saying it like that? Then I think he said something about playing sports like “Singles and doubles, singles and doubles.” or “I will teach you to hit a homerun…eh…maybe your uncle Kyle or Aunt Torrie can.” Then I told him to keep talking to the baby and he stopped. I think it got a little too sentimental for him and his coaching lesson was done.

Yes, I am a sentimental sap. But I would much rather be aware of special moments than not appreciate them. I consider my husband talking to our little baby in my tummy to be a special moment. I’m sure once our little one is born, I will be overwhelmed with special moments. I’m sure my idea of a “special moment” will grow to unimaginable heights.

I want to get this poster for the Nursery. I think it speaks to the idea that special moments, especially in a baby’s life, are fleeting. Time goes quickly.

I write and take photographs and share. Sometimes this blog is an outlet for me– most of the time it is to share photographs to clients, friends, and family. Every post is special and involves moments in my life or other people’s lives that they appreciate.

As I ponder these special moments in life–the ones that just keep getting better, I pray that there are lots, lots, lots more of you who are aware of them. Create them, be a part of them, appreciate them.

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