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Summer Bucket List

Summer used to be a lot different for us. We got married while still in college so we got to enjoy looong summer breaks together–going on trips, visiting family, living the awesome married-but-still-living-like-college students-life. Now, with full time jobs and a mortgage to pay, our summers are a little different. 

There is still lots to enjoy about summer time–even without the months of freedom. I’m looking forward to windows opened with cool night breezes, walks around the neighborhood at 8pm with plenty of sunlight left, fresh fruit that this mama-to-be has especially been craving, weddings of clients, friends, and family, and much more. But here is a look at our Summer Bucket List–a look at what us Albinis will be up to the next few months.

Summer Bucket List 
–Laundry Room Makeover
–Yard Sale for patio furniture and a dresser for Nursery
–Use hand crank Ice Cream maker
–Grill lots and lots
–Paint Nursery
–Enjoy lots of showers for beautiful friends.
–Summer salads
–Sew curtains for Master bath
–Register for baby
–Cheer on Travis and his two softball teams
–If we are having a girl, make headbands
–Plan Babymoon
–Finish year four of marriage book
–Sunset walks in Upper Bidwell

This is a good start to our Summer Bucket List. I’m sure we’ll be doing a lot of swimming and laying on the couch, too. Got myself a new(large) bathing suit so I’ll be sportin’ the bare belly this summer–love it. 
What are some of your favorite summer things to do? 

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