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24 weeks

I can’t imagine what women go through who are due in this summer heat. I’m so thankful that I am due in late Fall because I am starting to feel the heat! 
“How are you feeling?” is probably the most common question asked during pregnancy. It is nice to say “great” and truly feel that you’re being honest. I think because I have heard about so many difficult pregnancies, I really do feel great–especially knowing what some women have to endure. 
I just keep telling people that I feel like I am in this middle stage(2nd trimester) of not being sick anymore and not being huge yet. I am enjoying it. Baby boy is moving a lot and I have a good amount of energy. Like everyone, I feel pretty sluggish in this 100+ degree heat but I have still been somewhat active. From Photography sessions to playing tennis with my hubby–I’m grateful to be able to and have the energy to be active.
Weeks: 24
Weight gain:13 pounds total.
Baby’s size: He has gained approx. 4 oz. since last week–a little over a pound.
Changes: Got my first teeny tiny pregnancy stretch mark–not on my belly. My mom asked me this weekend if Travis was happy that the boob fairy came to our house. Ha!
Maternity clothes: Still a mix of my regular clothes and a few maternity pieces.
Food cravings: Sweets and chocolate. Still loving fruit and salads.
Food aversions: None that I can think of.
Best moment this week: Getting our first pack of diapers–who knew that would be so exciting?? I pulled one out and it was so tiny. Travis and I were in awe of how little newborn diapers are.
Worst moment this week: Seriously getting up to go to the bathroom about 5 times every night. I think it is decent training for when this little one comes and my sleep is being broken up.
Missing anything: Letting the girls that I nanny climb on me and sit on my lap. I have to be careful now because they kind of bulldoze me:)
Looking forward to: Hearing the baby’s heartbeat again tomorrow. We had an appt. last week but while we were waiting to get called in, our dr. got called to a delivery.

Oh, and just wondering–who came up with steeplechase in the Olympics and how have I not seen it before? Seems weird that they run then hurdle into water. Huh.

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