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31 Weeks

Update from last week: Had the ultrasound and we are both healthy. Baby’s biophysical profile looks great–not quite sure what that means:) I had the ultrasound because I was measuring small. However, baby Albini is measuring BIG. Two weeks big, to be exact. Babies around 30 weeks tend to weigh 3 pounds–our little guy is at 4 pounds. Of course, there is room for error. It is an educated guess based on the measurements of his body. Maybe this means that he will make an appearance before November 20th. Maybe this means we are having a 10 pound baby. Only God knows. We will just have to be patient and pray that he comes when he is healthy and ready:)
31 weeks has been great! I’ve definitely been having Braxton Hicks contractions and his kicks are getting intense. 
We have been on vacation this week so I’ve spent a good amount of time eating yummy foods and staying up way too late.

Travis took these photos today and I was just too lazy to change into something cute. Yoga pants and one of his T shirts is the norm around here…

Weeks: 31
Weight gain: 22 pounds total
Baby’s size: 4+ pounds
Changes: Feet are starting to swell when I walk a lot or stand a lot–the heat isn’t helping. His kicks are really intense now. Some startle me!
Maternity clothes: Yes. My wardrobe is very limited these days.
Food cravings: Fruit
Food aversions: BBQ
Best moment this week: Being on vacation. We also had our baby shower but technically we were 30 weeks then:)
Worst moment this week: Some tough sciatic nerve/back pain. Looking into going to the chiropractor soon.
Missing anything: Buttoning my pants.
Looking forward to: Organizing all his things/packing hospital bag/decorating house for Fall:)

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