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For those of you who know Travis, you know that he is a hardworking man.

Now, I know that I am not offending my husband by posting this so don’t think I’m a witch. My hardworking man isn’t going to be the guy you call when your car isn’t working or when your dishwasher is leaking. And, I’ve learned to accept that. I now know what friends we do call when stuff like that happens.:) He has many, many other qualities that I am thankful for.

So when it came to putting together furniture for the baby’s room, I knew he wasn’t too thrilled. When he was gone at work one day, my little sister and a girlfriend of ours put together the dresser. BUT, I told Travis that HE HAD to be the one to put together the crib. He could not recruit any of his guy friends to help him. I was serious about that. You don’t want to mess with pregnancy hormones–for reals. I just felt like it was the dad-to-be’s job to put together the crib. Kind of like a rite of passage. Am I crazy or is this making sense to anyone else?
I knew he would be proud of himself and really, it was simple. We worked together on it and it took less than two hours. The only time I almost started crying was when I thought we had put two legs on backwards and would have to start all over. Come to find out that wasn’t the case so my blood pressure resumed to normal. Phew.
Yesterday Travis and I worked on the Nursery a little bit. We hung up some decor and Travis spray painted some frames. I had originally hand painted the frames but I didn’t like the color they turned out–too pumpkin. I tried spray painting with a mask on but the fumes were too much. So, husband to the rescue! We picked out some spray paint that we liked and Trav did a great job.

I want to wait to put pictures up of baby boy’s nursery until it is done. But, I think I am going to lose some friends if I make them wait that long! So I’ll share my favorite part of the room so far…

Like I’ve mentioned before, my mom is making his bedding. The fabric in the embroidery hoops are scraps from his bedding. We are going with a teal and orange theme. The biggest embroidery hoop holds my favorite fabric–vintage bikes.
As you can see in the photo, we painted the ceiling teal and used Home Depot yard sticks as crown molding. We love it and think the yard sticks are an original idea and add some boy-ness to the room.:)
The painted frames will be going above the dresser/changing table and will contain some graphic art and some photos of our baby boy!
I’ll definitely be doing a more detailed reveal of his nursery but it won’t be for a while. 
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September 4, 2012 - 9:50 pm

aubrey - oh my goodness! love it! the colors, the fabric and the yardsticks (so original!) thanks for posting pics. I was getting anxious:)

September 4, 2012 - 11:01 pm

Travis and Danielle - Yay! Thank you Aubrey! I pretty much posted this for you;)

September 5, 2012 - 2:17 am

Anonymous - The room looks fantastic! Thank you for continuously sharing you and Travis' journey through this time. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you two! -Karen Brenner :)

October 2, 2012 - 12:38 am

Anonymous - I completely agree, it's definitely a right of passage! Love your blogs Danielle, very entertaining! Can't wait for your posts when the baby comes, congratulations to you and the hubby!!- Amy-Anne

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