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Pinterest Success::Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies

Today I am sharing a Pinterest success that just needed some tweaking–does that still make it a success? I think so. Anyways, my friend Lauren and I were feeling like making something Fall-like today. So, what did I do? Um, go to my Pinterest boards of course!
I have followed Ashley’s blog for a few years now and every once in a while she shares a recipe. I pinned this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe one year ago. I am not one to often try new baking recipes, although I want to. Sometimes it seems like with all of the ingredients needed, it would be kind of pricey. That is true at first–but once you have your spice cabinet stocked up, it really is pretty cheap. And, scratch tastes better:) PLUS, you get extra wife points on your imaginary awesome wife scoreboard!!

The only thing that I would change to her recipe is to not make the frosting. Everything about the actual cookies are perfect! The cookies by themselves are sweet enough(in my opinion) without the frosting. Well, two of my girlfriends agreed too. It was too rich with the cream cheese-based frosting. And, you’ll probably save about ABAJILLION calories by not adding the frosting:)
I’m on a Pinterest roll tonight–I’m making this for dinner. Just going to add some shredded chicken for some protein. I’ll let you know how it is!

**Travis just tried the cookies and he liked it better with the frosting. Hmm. I guess just try it how you think you’ll like it! He has a MAJOR sweet tooth so I’m sticking with the no-frosting.**

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