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Five on Friday

Yes! I am so glad it is Friday–this day feels really good.

My Mom left on Monday and that is never an easy day for me. She is such a big help and so fun to have around. The days following her leaving always leave me feeling kinda blah. She always encourages Travis and I to go on dates so it is just so nice to have her visiting!
Our garden is growing! Our tomato plants are getting little flowers and the squash are sprouting lots of leaves. I’m so excited!
Brody has been awesome at eating baby food. He is definitely more of a fan of sweet potatoes than peas–I don’t blame him one bit.
Any of you watch The Voice? I am a big fan of team Usher and team Adam! Shakira is super cute but not a fan of her team’s talent. And Blake just seriously cracks me up!
Travis and I are enjoying being parents more than we could have ever imagined. Brody is such a perfect little one. Yesterday he was sitting on my lap and out of nowhere he leaned back, put his hands on my face and lunged his lips onto my face. I practically melted!!! Travis and I are so smitten, it is kind of ridiculous;)
Have a great weekend!!! And enjoy this heat:) We might have to go get little B a pool or something. 

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