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Five on Friday

Considering that I am debating taking a nap and it is only 8:30am, I’d say it is safe to say this week was a whirlwind!!

Travis was gone on a four day fishing trip. Sleeping alone is tough for me but we got through it and he is home–With lots of yummy Mahi Mahi and Bluefin Tuna! Yum. We provided some friends with the fillets and they are cooking it for us tonight. Can’t wait!!
Got to get out and photograph a sweet Maternity session last night. Feels so good to be artistic and behind my camera. It truly makes me happy!
Leftover pizza has been my bff the past few days. Cold, leftover pizza. Yum, again.
I spent a decent amount of time in both Target and Old Navy this week. Just walkin’…in the AC. And making silly faces at Brody in the changing room mirror–the kid loves mirrors!
I’m so grateful for friends. Truly. Friends helped make those four days sans daddy go by much more easily. Thank you! Although, Brody and Hannah are becoming a little too good of friends:) 
“We leave them alone for two seconds…(seriously, we have to separate them constantly).”
Have a great weekend, friends! I’m off to take a nap while the little man sleeps….we’ll see how long that lasts!:)

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