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Not Your Average Daddy

I knew really from the moment that I met him and saw his heart that Travis was going to be a great Dad one day. 
I just didn’t expect him to be this great.
He is not your average daddy.

He puts our marriage first. 
He prays with Brody every night.
He says “He is so cute!” to me about 20 times a day.
He lets him drool on his shoulder when he is wearing his work suit–if you know Travis…that is seriously love.
He protects Brody’s well-being like I never could have imagined.
He changes his horrible not-so-great driving habits, knowing that Brody will one day follow suit.

He laughs at the silly things Brody does and genuinely thinks they’re hilarious.

He says things like “I can’t wait to do       with him”! (The list is too long to write out.)
He walks in the door after a breakfast meeting and after seeing that Brody is not in the kitchen with me, he sighs and asks if he is already down for his nap. Then he rejoices when he learns that he is in fact just playing in his room and goes to join him.
He asks me if I want to go out by myself for some “me time” on a weekly basis. 
He sits at the dinner table teaching Brody how to sign “more”–with a lot more patience that I ever have:)
He tells me often how awesome our son is.
He doesn’t let me be the only one to console Brody when he is upset–much to my dismay. He wants Brody to know that daddy is there to comfort him, too.
He tells Brody “Your mom is so beautiful” more times that I can count.
He has grown in patience and persistence.
He tells me that we should write letters to Brody, so that if something happens to us, he will know how much we love him.
He humors me and joins me before bed as I sneak in Brody’s room to cover him with his blanket and sneak a peek at our snoring boy.
He provides so well for our family.
He is not your average daddy.
September 4, 2013 - 1:28 am

Katie Cook - Oh my goodness, this is so amazing! What an amazing husband and father:)

September 5, 2013 - 10:22 am

Morgan - I cried…because I know all of that is SO true…Travis is an awesome dad/husband/brother!

September 7, 2013 - 9:26 pm

Travis and Danielle - Yes, Katie!! I have loved seeing your travels! Enjoy:)

September 7, 2013 - 9:27 pm

Travis and Danielle - Morgan, you are such a great big sister! He has great role models:)

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