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Baby Albini #2 is a…

Baby Albini #2 is a…


 Tears rolled down my cheeks when the ultrasound tech told us that it was a girl. I was so shocked and excited! Because my pregnancy was so similar to Brody’s, I thought for sure we were having another little boy. I get butterflies in my stomach each time I think about her.

We are so in love with this little baby! She was moving around so much and kept putting her hands up by her face. Everything she did just had us in a puddle. We are in trouble!:)

 This is my favorite picture of all time!!! Look at that excitement!

I have looked through her ultrasound pictures lots and I am in love with every single one! I think she looks like her daddy.

 Pointing to baby sister…

 We have a few names that we both like but we are not set on anything. The name will be shared when she arrives. We are almost half way there!

I love these two babes!
Thank you to everyone for the congratulations! We are just so excited and blessed. Travis is already wanting to get a dog to protect his babies and guard off any unwanted attention from boys ;). 

 Oh, and here’s an outtake of Brody trying to lift up my dress to see where the baby is!!

I realized there aren’t any of my little bump so I’ll be doing an update on that soon. Thanks for following along with our family!

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