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Chico, CA Birth Photography:: McKenna and Kinsley

June 6th, 2015
Getting to photograph a baby’s arrival gives me a special love for that little life–a bond that is difficult to describe. I have told my husband that each baby who I get to see enter this world has a special place in my heart. These two little girls have an especially greater piece of my heart. I love getting to see what it was like for my twin sister and me. Hearing their first cries, watching them snuggle up to each other and bond brings me to a place of serene gratitude.

They are beautiful girls and this is a beautiful story. 

Introducing McKenna and Kinsley! 
Twin GIRLS! They didn’t know the sexes prior to delivery.:)
Congratulations, Meghann and Ryan! I am so happy for your sweet family. 
 Thank you to Enloe hospital and staff for your fantastic services! I am always impressed.
Sara Gordon from Chico Birth Services was the doula and I couldn’t have higher regards for her! 

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