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Brinley:: 9 months

Our sweet baby girl is 9 months old! Brinley loves to crawl around, eat any crumbs she can find and loves playing in the bath. 
Brynn is now pulling up on things and standing up in her crib. She typically sleeps a good 10 hour night. She’s asleep by 8pm and wakes up around 6am, hopefully but not always going back to sleep for another hour or so after nursing. She does not have any teeth yet, so this is probably why her sleep as been a bit unpredictable the past few days. Even without the teeth, she eats/gums lots of “big kid food”. She loves fruit and is actually starting to eat some purees like applesauce and pouches. She wasn’t a big fan of the texture a few months ago. 
Brinley is a happy girl and is very content just crawling around the kitchen and living room while big brother and I do our routines throughout the day. She is, however, very vocal when she is hungry and does not like getting her diaper changed without a toy to play with! Apparently mommy and daddy are not entertaining enough! 😉
 After a good nap she wakes up happy as a clam–just cooing and playing with her lamby. Oh, and chewing/gumming on her crib. 
And because Brody is the best big brother, here he is.

Well, minus the stealing of toys, tackling, dragging sister down the hall by her feet, slamming doors in her face, etc. Just kidding…those things do happen but he is still a fantastic big brother and we are working on the above issues. 😉 Brody loves giving Brinley kisses, saying good morning, pushing her on the swings and sharing his food with her. I’m praying that one day she will be grateful for the example he is to her.

And look at those traps–he’s gotta cut back on the protein.
Happy 9 months, baby girl. Your smile brings me a lot of joy. You are precious in so many ways and to so many people. I love getting to be your safe place. 9 months of getting to be your mommy is a gift. I love you.  

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