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Brinley::One Year Old


Does it ever get easier or slow down? I doubt it. This smiley, sweet and sometimes sassy baby girl of ours is now 1 year old! We had fun celebrating her with family and a few of her friends. It was such a casual day and I lovingly told Pinterest to go eat dirt.

Brinley laughed loudly and danced in her seat while we all sang her Happy Birthday–it was adorable and I will always remember that.


Brinley is choosing walking over crawling a bit more but if she needs to get somewhere quickly, she still chooses to crawl. She doesn’t talk much besides saying “dada” but I think this is just her happy word. She says it all the time. She signs “all done” and waves “hi” and “bye”. Her kisses are the best slobber kisses and she loves following her big brother around–and he loves the attention.

Brinley is starting to climb things(which is giving me grays) and she loves it when I forget to put my phone up high so she can snag it and carry it around the house with her. She is still a paci girl and I am dreading getting rid of that thing. It is an easy plug when she has a bad case of the whines. She has two teeth on the bottom, two on top, and two more coming in on the top.

Ever since the morning of her birthday, it seems like she has grown up. She started walking super fast and all of sudden is much more giggly and social–although she really has always been great with people.

2015-10-18_00062015-10-18_00072015-10-18_0008 We adore her goofy smile, scrunchy face, chubby toes and sweet temperament. I kiss her often throughout the day but those quiet kisses before I lay her in her bed at night are some of the most peaceful moments in my day.

We love you, Brinley. We pray this next year of your life is full of many, many blessings!

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