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Summer 2016:: Blueberry Picking

We spent some family time this morning at Hansen’s Blueberry farm in Corning. It was a perfect day! There was a cool breeze and only a few other pickers there. The kids did really well and Brody was all about finding the fattest blueberries to add to our bucket. Make it a game and the enthusiasm really comes out in that boy!

2016-05-25_00012016-05-25_00022016-05-25_00032016-05-25_0004I now realize that Brinley and I are matching. Ha! 2016-05-25_0005Hands in the buckets…2016-05-25_0006Brinley was much more interested in eating all of the blueberries. She eventually sat down and just had a little picnic by herself. 2016-05-25_00072016-05-25_0008We walked away with a full bucket for $15 and are planning on freezing lots to last us into summer. Brody really is at a such a fun age for these types of activities. He was loudly telling us things like “MOM, COME LOOK AT THIS BIG, FATTY ONE!” and “Oh, nice one Mom. That’s a good find!” Brinley is still a bit of a handful but she had fun…I think.:)Some older women commented on how nice it was to listen to our kids while they picked their blueberries. Their kind words will carry me through the tantrums of today.:)

Hansen’s Blueberry Farm still has LOTS of blueberries so make your way out there. He told me this morning that he had about 5,000 gallons left. They open at 7am and it’s a 35 minute drive from us and a great family adventure.:)(530) 824-2331

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