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Baby boy:: 38 weeks

Just like life, this pregnancy has gone by so slow and somehow fast all in the same. As we reach the end of baby boy’s pregnancy, we are growing more and more anxious to meet him. Travis seems to think that he is going to look like his brother, meaning Travis’ brother. WEIRD. He thinks that baby boy will have dark hair and features. I am picturing a Brody look-alike with more of a button nose because of his ultrasound photos. His lips looked similar to Brody’s, which I LOVE because Brody has Travis’ lips.


albinifamilyspring2017-18Every chore, errand, etc. seems to be done with the mindset of “this might be the last (blank) until baby is here!”. All of my “thank you” cards are written from the many things family and friends blessed us with, taxes are done, yard cleaned up(thanks hubby!), doctor bills paid off in advance, carseat and diaper bag all ready to go! Each little chore is done with greater meaning–Even the simplest of things like folding laundry and cleaning out the sink. I keep envisioning going into labor with a clean house. That’s very unlikely to be the case ha!

This pregnancy has been the toughest yet. I credit most of the added difficulty to having two children at home while growing a third–more duties at home, less rest, carrying two older kids around,etc. The back pain is super painful, especially as I get up in the night multiple times for the bathroom. Last night was the first night I woke Travis up to help me sit up. He’s such a trooper! I’m thankful that my pregnancies are pretty stress-free. I measure small (my belly measured 31 weeks at 36 weeks) so I get to have a late term ultrasound but baby looked good!

This baby boy has been our most active one! He is still doing major acrobatics in my belly and it is crazy to see. Friends have seen my belly move and become distorted from across the room!  I absolutely love feeling him move. albinifamilyspring2017-25albinifamilyspring2017-24

One thing that I have realized about myself this pregnancy is that while I don’t have a tough time asking for help, I struggle to be still. I can easily ask a friend or family member for help with a simple task but I am not good at resting. This has proven to work against me this pregnancy, as my back pain is multiplied when I am on my feet and doing chores that I probably should not be doing–like staying up til 1am multiple nights in a row to paint our entire kitchen myself or mowing the lawn at 37 weeks pregnant. Breastfeeding helps me be still and I’m looking forward to that reprieve.:)

I have done a horrible job at recording this pregnancy so I wanted to do one last update!

Weeks: 38

Weight gain: 26 pounds

Baby’s Size: About 7.5 pounds and 19 inches long

Changes: Hoping these Braxton Hicks, that have become more intense, are continuing to do more for my progress. Seasonal allergies have started and I forgot how tough it is when you can’t take decongestants while pregnant.

Best moment this week: Hearing Brody say “Oh, I just can’t wait to see baby brother’s face!”. Also, I am so thankful for my husband who worked really hard this weekend doing all of the “honey dos” for me. He has also been getting up with the kids during the week so I can sleep in. I slept until 9:30am one morning! Sleep is my love language.:)

Worst moment this week: Having the severe back pain. I know it could be worse and I’m thankful it’s not debilitating.

Cravings: Oreos!

Missing anything: I’m looking forward to having a glass of wine. And I’m not even a big wine drinker!

Looking forward to: Having this baby boy on my chest and getting to check out all of his features. It’s seriously the best moments of my life and it brings me to tears.


Next blog post will be of this baby boy’s arrival! EEK! Thanks for following along. We appreciate your kind words and prayers as we prepare to be a family of five!:)

And here are some fun photos with the kids at The Book Family Farm with baby goats.:)


Photo credit to Katie Drake Photography.

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