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Chico California Photographer::In Awe

While visiting some of our good friends in the hospital after they had their baby girl, I was in awe. Of a lot of things, really.

I was in awe that she was a she! Our friends had decided not to find out what they were having and we were all thinking boy (the dad’s family is all boys!).

I was in awe that she came 4 weeks early and was just so little and perfect. No breathing tubes or medical assistance needed, just wrapped in a blanket–dozing in my arms.

I was in awe that her little cries were more endearing than anything. Travis said as we were walking out “I loved hearing her cry. It’s so cute”. (I think that’ll fade.)

I was in awe of this baby’s momma (&daddy). We were in the room that she delivered in, just two hours after giving birth, and she looked amazing. Truly.

I was in awe of how real this all made my pregnancy seem. At the end of this there will be a labor and delivery–that has seemed like such a far ways away. But really, it isn’t. It is just around the corner.

I was really in awe of how good God is. Seeing a newborn is proof that we have an amazing creator.

(that’s my hand under her feet–just so you can get a feel of how preciously tiny she is.)

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