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Chico California Photographer::Nesting at 23 weeks?

Nesting: an uncontrollable urge to clean one’s house brought on by a desire to prepare a nest for the new baby, to tie up loose ends of projects, and to organize your world. 

Yesterday afternoon/evening was really fun for me. And by fun, I mean laundry, organizing, and spending a lot of time on the floor in the nursery.
I posted this photo on instagram(mrsdla).
A few days ago, as you might’ve read in the last post, friends of ours welcomed their little girl into the world–4 weeks early. That, combined with some of our best friends having their nursery coming together(they’re due in mid September), I think I got the itch to get our little one’s room together. Yes, we are not even 6 months along but I have been spending a lot of my time thinking about how to lay out his room and moving furniture all over the house(Travis moves the furniture with a smile on his face). 
His closet seems stuffed because we don’t have a dresser yet. I am really wanting to buy this dresser that will double as a changing table. It’s from Ikea and we know it is on sale right now but trying to figure out some logistics of how to get it since we don’t have an Ikea super close to us. (And not really wanting to spend $250 right now.)

We seriously feel overwhelmed with how generous people are. We have not purchased a single item of clothing for our baby boy–besides a few garage sale $1 items.
Every time we visit family, they have something for the baby. 
Friends have given us literally trash bags full of baby boy clothes(6mo to 18 mo), toys, and bottles. The family I work for gave us a Boppy, a Bumbo, a bottle warmer, and we purchased our carseat and two bases from them.
Anyways, jumbled thoughts on the blog today. 
I will definitely be doing a Nursery post once we have everything all together, which will probably be a few months!
Thanks for following and if you have any thoughts on Nursery dressers, please share:)

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