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27 weeks

Hello, Third Trimester!! I cannot wait to be snuggling my baby boy. Seriously, it makes me cry when I think about it. He is such a little miracle and precious gift.
I just LOVE running into people around town and them saying “I love your updates! I read it every time you post something!” Please, don’t hesitate to comment. I won’t think you are a stalker if we haven’t spoken in person in a while. I promise. I enjoy the posts:) 
This week has been really fun! We have had family visiting and we made some progress on the baby’s room. My mom is a Godsend and she helped sew some curtains for his room. She is also making his bedding and I can’t wait to lay it in his crib! I will probably pee my pants when the crib arrives. 1.) Because I am so excited and 2.) Because peeing my pants these days isn’t rare. 
Okay, don’t think I am just walking around with a puddle at my feet. I just had to change my pants once when I sneezed and a little trickle is quite common after I get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. Ha!
Anyways, here is some 27 week info!
Weeks: 27
Weight gain: No idea. We don’t have a scale at home. I’d say about 16-17 pounds.
Baby’s size: 2 pounds or so
Maternity clothes: A mix.
Changes: Belly is getting bigger so it is getting a little difficult to maneuver–ran my belly into the car door the other day. Oops.
Food cravings: Nothing really specific. Loving Mexican food but that isn’t new for me. We will be eating lots of it in San Diego in a few weeks–much better Mexican food there than in Chico. 
Food aversions: I will eat pretty much anything if I’m hungry:)
Best moment this week: Getting his room in order more! Thank you everyone who helped!!
Worst moment this week: I can’t think of anything–thankful for that!
Missing anything: I’m really missing the girls that I used to nanny for. I want to kiss their cheeks again!!
Looking forward to: Getting the crib. Yay!
Thanks for following, friends!
August 27, 2012 - 9:11 pm

Katelyn Owens - Love reading!!! And laughed so much about the peeing part! SO true!!! That happened to me a lot when prego, haha! You're so cute. Can't wait to see his room when it's done! :)

August 29, 2012 - 10:24 pm

aubrey - When are we going to see pics of his room? You're making us wait so long!

September 3, 2012 - 9:57 pm

Travis and Danielle - Sorry Aubs!! We just hung up some decor finally but his room isn't going to be ready til late October. My Mom is making his bedding and the next time she is coming to Chico won't be until Oct. 21st. I will put a few photos up though:) Thanks ladies!!

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