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Earlier this week Travis and I bought a new dining room table and chairs from Ikea. We are SO happy with the purchase. Our dining area is tiny quaint–so our table before just wasn’t working. Plus the legs were basically falling off. We were wanting something to both protect the table and add some color.

I splurged. I walked into PierOne and actually bought something. Every once and I while I will walk in there just to look around–mostly in their clearance section. Not this time. I was on a mission.
A new, beautiful, colorful table runner adorns our dining room table.
  I am justifying this purchase because we had some gift cards. Totally justified to spend $40 on a table runner, right?? GASP! That is way too much money. We had gift cards, we had gift cards, we had gift cards…just reminding myself.
I love it because it has so many colors in it that it will match any other decor we decide to add to our dining area. Teal, brown, mustard yellow, red, pink, dark blue–lots of pretty colors!

Who wants to come over for dinner and enjoy our new set up with us?? Head on over!:)
August 23, 2012 - 4:59 pm

dgiuliani - It looks so good!!! I'm glad you got that one even if it was
$40 Worth it!

Devan G

August 23, 2012 - 5:28 pm

Travis and Danielle - Yay! Thank you, Dev!

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