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32 Weeks

This is the first week that I have noticed my emotions are kind of out of whack. I feel great right now but I can look back on the week and see where I was in a funk and emotional.
There have been lots of highs–seeing his amazing kicks and putting his pack n’ play together in our room(he will sleep in the newborn sleeper part of it for a while before he sleeps in his crib). It is fun seeing it in there! 
There have been some lows, too–pretty intense sciatica and someone I deeply love experienced heartbreaking loss. 
I am thankful for this week because we are blessed. Even in the lows of life, we are truly blessed. We don’t deserve it–not one bit.

(Yes, we were that couple taking photos in our front yard. *Mental note* For now on, take photos in the backyard. You look weird standing out there holding your belly and the cars behind you in the photos are tacky.)

Weight gain: 23 pounds total
Baby’s size: I can’t really go off of BabyCenter anymore because he was measuring a full POUND heavier than what they were saying. So, I’m guessing he is about 5 pounds and is almost 17 inches long–WOW!
Maternity clothes: YES.
Changes: Sciatic nerve acting up but is getting better the past few days. My tummy feels like it is stretching. Obviously it is, but I am actually feeling the tightness of it. No stretch marks on the belly yet.
Food cravings: Cheese.
Food aversions: Onions…kinda. I’ll still eat them though:)
Best moment this week: Being truly thankful for our gift of a baby boy.
Worst moment this week: Emotional roller coaster.
Missing anything: My family.
Looking forward to: Our doctor’s appointment on Monday. Travis has the day off of work so he gets to go! I’ve gone to the last few by myself so I’m excited T can go.

Thank you for following our blog–we really appreciate the support!:)

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