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Five on Friday

So, my friend Aubrey is letting me copy her and take on my very own ‘Five on Friday’ posts! Check out her blog–she has three adorable kiddos and great style! Thanks Aubs! 
These posts are meant to be a fun little recap of our week. Hope to share some highlights (and lowlights–because we all have them!) on these posts. Thanks for following!
I almost had a breakdown the other night when I couldn’t walk because of my sciatic nerve shooting pain down my back/butt/left leg. I covered my face and made some pitiful noises…you know…the pre-crying meltdown noises. I wanted to make a midnight(10pm) snack. Travis asked if I wanted him to carry me to the kitchen. He was playing poker, otherwise he would’ve just made me one. Him offering to carry me made me laugh so I stopped having a pity party. Best quesadilla I’ve ever made.
Just finished editing our last wedding of the season. This little baby growing in me took precedent over any more weddings this Fall. How dare he!
Learned this week, more than ever, that heartache is real in this world. The people closest to you go through things that you never want them, or anyone else, to deal with. I wish I could share more but it is not my story to share.
Last night Travis and I took a little trip to Target. Well, it turned out to be not-so-little. We ended up getting groceries and I was even spoiled enough to get to browse the dollar section while he returned baby gear. That is where I came across our first Fall decor–made me very excited!! Going to add to it soon…
Travis also indulged in my checking out the Maternity sale section. He let me get 2 tops!! They were $5 each–STEAL! I say “let me” because we make purchase choices together. It is both of our money. Most of the time we tell each other “You don’t need that”…so I felt spoiled last night:)
Overall, this week was quite productive. It definitely had it’s ups and downs but when your life and it’s fragility are put in perspective, most things seem like an ‘up’.
Have a great weekend!
October 1, 2012 - 5:40 pm

aubrey - Nice Danee! I happy to share 5 on Friday with you!

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