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35 Weeks

I officially feel ready for this baby! I hope he waits a few more weeks because we have our Maternity photos scheduled this Sunday. But, we feel ready to meet him and see his sweet face–in a few weeks:)

Weeks: 35
Weight gain: 26lbs total
Baby’s size: around 6 pounds and 18 inches long
Changes: Man, it is tough doing every day things with a basketball in front of you! I had trouble putting on my boots this morning.
Maternity clothes: Yes, ma’am!
Best moment this week: Some of my great friends threw us a baby shower! My mom and sister were able to make it and we felt so blessed to have people who love our baby boy so much. People are so generous!
Worst moment this week: I was sick with the flu. It only lasted about 1 day so I was thankful for that. I did cry ugly tears when Travis got home from work. I just felt so guilty that I was sick and not eating when I have this baby in me that needs food! I didn’t have an appetite and when you feel like throwing up, it is hard to eat close to any thing! Travis got it the next day and it is hard wanting to help him but not really being able to do anything for him but let him rest and force some gatorade down his throat. The Albini household is healthy now.
Food cravings: Mexican food.
Food aversions: Nothing. 
Missing anything: Hot Cheetos:) I banned them from my house from now on. I ate WAY too many. It takes a lot of self control to walk past the chip aisle.
Looking forward to: Maternity photos this weekend! Haven’t been in front of the camera together for a while and I can’t wait!
Sorry, no picture this week. I think being sick, Travis being sick, and having family in town this weekend threw me off and I forgot. I promise it isn’t because of wanting to hide my chubby cheeks or anything:)
I got my update from BabyCenter on my phone this morning telling us that we are 36 weeks. I had to do a double-take. What?! How has this gone by so fast???

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