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November::Uncontrollable Excitement!

Well, it is officially November–and I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited for October to end. October was a great month, but it will crumble in comparison to November. 
November has never been a particularly exciting month for me in the past. But you better believe that I am going to have an extra pep in my step this November! Or, maybe that is the pregnant waddling that I’ve picked up the last few days. Either way, it will be a great month!
November–the month of our son’s birthday, a day of no-guilt stuffing your face with yummy turkey & mashed potatoes and, of course, the month that Starbucks breaks out their comfort-in-a-red-cup shenanigans. 
Our plan for Thanksgiving, whether we have a baby in our hands or belly, is to sit on the couch while family makes a yummy turkey feast at our home. Because this little boy is due two days before Thanksgiving, we decided it’d be best for us to either be hugely pregnant and be home or have a new baby in our arms at home. I’m so grateful my mom and family are willing to drive up to Chico from South Lake Tahoe to be with us. Although, we all know they are hoping to spend time with a little someone special. Travis and I will just be afterthoughts at that point:)
This month has become more celebratory since living in Chico because of the obvious change in weather–bringing on yellows, oranges, reds that my San Diego eyes had yet to discover.
I hope that this November is one that you too are looking forward to! And I hope that you spoil yourself with a special red cup. I plan to tonight!

What is your favorite thing about this month??

November 1, 2012 - 11:50 pm

laurentees - Loved this post! Puts a huge smile on my face! I love being around family, and I think it's fitting that you will be expanding yours in such a family-oriented month :)

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