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Five on Friday

We spent Christmas Eve at a friend’s house and it was so nice to be around people we love! We normally spend Christmas Eve with my family but we didn’t want to drive with a newborn in the snow to Tahoe. It was tough for me to miss out on that special time with my family but so special to be invited into another family!
Christmas Day, Travis and I woke up and he opened his stocking. My mom still does mine:) Then we had cinnamon rolls and lounged around. We had fmaily coming into town so we had lots of chores to do. We made some quinoa chili for Christmas dinner and Travis made a pineapple crisp for dessert. Everyone loved it!
My four sisters and my mom came to town. There were constant “I’ll burp him!” and “Can I hold him next?!” and “I’ll change his diaper!” and “Ugh. You just got to hold him!”:). We were all loving it. Two of my sisters had him nap on their chests in the Ergo. My twin sister even got to take a bath with him! Brody also spit up all over her chest, had a few big blowouts, peed on my mom, and probably burped in all of our faces. How are we still so enamored with him??:)
We met Travis downtown for his lunch breaks twice this week. Yesterday we walked over to campus afterwards and took some photos. I wanted a group photo of all of the girls in my family. Travis and I got one of the three of us as well. Rule of thumb: You can never have too many photos of you and your family. It is always worth it to take the camera along.
I took Brody to his one month check up today. He is technically 5 weeks and 3 days. He weighed 11 pounds & 4 ounces. He is 22 1/2 inches long and his head is in the 95th percentile. For weight and length he is in the 90th percentile. He did such a great job at the Doctor’s. He was sleeping when he got there so I was nervous to have to wake him up, get him naked to get weighed, etc. He didn’t even cry. He was cooing and grunting for the Doctor and she commented numerous times on how loud he is. Yes, I know:)

Okay, every parent must be so biased about their own child but, gosh, he is so cute!!

Thanks for following! I am off to take a nap. “Nap when they nap” is a lot harder than it seems!

December 28, 2012 - 11:10 pm

Rachael Slater - Glad you made the qunioa chili!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful first Christmas with your little one…he is very cute!

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