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Broderick::First Smiles

Brody is 6 weeks old and is now officially smiling at us. No more mistaking it for gas–he recognizes us and gives us the sweetest grins! 
I rolled the little guy on his back after some tummy time today and he was so happy. I grabbed the camera and he gave me some sweet faces so I thought I’d share. 
Travis and I keep saying to each other that he is growing so fast and it makes us sad. But, with growth comes things like smiles–we are loving it.
He continues to be a great baby–We are getting his schedule down and enjoying our days. I try to get out often but I definitely save the big errands for when Travis is with me. 

He eats about 7 times a day and sleeps really well at night–usually a 7-8 hour stretch then another 3-3.5 hours after he eats. He is sleeping in his room now but still in his little rocker. We didn’t want to get him used to his crib because he will be sleeping in his rocker while in San Diego during our vacation next week. The past 4 nights he has slept 9 hours straight but I am not going to jinx it by calling it his normal:) I know how lucky we are and we are definitely not taking it for granted!
I am looking forward to hearing his giggles for the first time and so much more!! 
Happy New Year and thanks for following!

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