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Tahoe:: Time with Family

Brody and I spent some time in South Lake Tahoe this past week with my family. It was so great being around all of my sisters and my mom. We went for a nice hike, went to our favorite little restaurant, ate yummy home-cooked meals, and enjoyed dying Easter eggs. 
Brody definitely got spoiled! I was lonely at 7:30am so I woke everyone up with his cute little face–they couldn’t get mad at him:) 
Nana and Brody–he loves her!
 At The Beacon Restaurant. 
 One of my favorite things about this trip is that I finally saw a bear! I have an irrational fear of bears–like, I literally have nightmares of them every time I visit Tahoe. So, this helped me understand that they really are docile creatures–at least here in Tahoe. I feel one with the bear.;)
 Our attempt at getting a photo of all of us. Tends to be a problem when you have a DSLR–other people aren’t quite sure how to use it.
We walked around the lake and skipped rocks. It was pretty amazing!

Thanks for the great trip, Mom!! Can’t wait to visit again!
April 3, 2013 - 5:24 pm

Morgan - It look so beautiful…and I can't ever get over how stinkin' cute Brody is!!! Love him!

May 20, 2013 - 3:59 am

Travis and Danielle - You'll have to visit with the girls sometime, Morgan! And I can't get over it either–his cheeks kill me!!:)

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