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Broderick:: First Hair Cut

We did it–we cut his hair. It was time to say goodbye to the beloved mullet. My mom and I were getting our hair done and Travis brought Brody by the salon to have his first trim.
We distracted him with my mom’s phone and he looked like such a big boy! He texted someone something ridiculous. We just went for a little trim in the back and above the ears. He looks just as handsome and like such a little boy! 
 He was pretty fascinated with mommy looking fabulous in foil! 
Again, this is one of the those moments where I feel bad for our future children because i doubt we will document our fifth child’s first haircut! Wait—did I really just type FIFTH child?!
I’m delusional and it’s time for bed;) 

Broderick, you are so handsome even when you have a mullet. But i do have to say that I’m happy to see your sweet naked neck!

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