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Broderick:: Three Years Old

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRODY!!! Brody is three years old and loving it! He is very concerned with being the oldest, biggest,View full post »

Broderick:: First Day of Preschool 2015

We woke up today super excited for Preschool to start! This is Brody’s second year of “preschool”. ItView full post »

Broderick::Baking Cookies

I am the kind of person who likes a clean kitchen.(Who doesn’t?!) It’s one of my spaces in our home thatView full post »

Broderick:: Two Years Old!

Happy 2nd Birthday to our precious boy!  He is such a smart, silly and adventurous little boy. We are so thankfulView full post »

Baby Girl–38 weeks + Maternity Photos

First of all, thank you so much for all of your encouraging words regarding my last post. My in laws are doing great. MyView full post »

Broderick:: The Little Things

I am lying in bed listening to thunder and rain outside my window. Nap times lately basically consist of me walking fromView full post »

Broderick:: A Reminder in Capturing the Memories.

I wrote a whole blog post about an update on our lives and then I realized that I just really wanted to share how I&#View full post »

Broderick::Even Batman Needs to Sleep…

Even Batman Needs to Sleep…  …and I bet he needs his mommy sometimes, too. Life has been a crazy whirlwindView full post »

Broderick:: Charlie Brown Christmas

A few days after Christmas last year, when Brody was just 5 weeks old, Travis and I went to Target to get out of theView full post »

Broderick:: He likes buckets on his head…

He likes buckets on his head… The first time Brody walked down the hall with a bucket on his head, I about peed myView full post »

Broderick:: Happy First Birthday!

Wow. I know all parents say this but I just have to–how did this past year go so fast?? One year ago today I wasView full post »

Broderick:: It’s True…

It’s true…this is how we all feel sometimes… Like when he can’t quite get our knee up over theView full post »

Broderick:: First Hair Cut

We did it–we cut his hair. It was time to say goodbye to the beloved mullet. My mom and I were getting our hairView full post »

Broderick::Ten Months

Seriously, these photos are so indicative of our day today! Brody has cut four teeth on the top in the past few weeks.View full post »

Broderick::This Mama isn’t ready…

I had the opportunity to have two days baby-free. I went to tea with some of my girlfriends yesterday and they lovinglyView full post »