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Baby Girl–24 weeks

Well, I have officially failed at keeping up with this pregnancy diary this time around. I’ll chalk it up to chasing a toddler around and never being in picture-worthy clothes. From now on I’ll take a photo on Sunday since I usually shower for church…usually being the key word here.
Anyways, I’m really excited to write about this pregnancy. It has been similar in a lot of ways to my pregnancy with Brody. So, before I just start to ramble, let’s just jump right into this pregnancy info! 
Oh, but wait, now that I’m writing some details out I feel the need to share some stuff. Maybe I’m just justifying that I’ve already gained 20+ pounds? Oh well:)I started this pregnancy out pretty underweight–pretty much due to nursing Brody 15+ months. So I’ve gained a decent amount now but I’m still right on track and I feel healthy and great! Sadly, I decided to stop nursing Brody because I just wasn’t healthy. It was a lot on my body to be making a baby, be sick with pregnancy, and burning so many calories nursing him still 3 times a day. I miss those days with him but now he just looks at me when I’m changing and says “baby eat”! I hope he has good, healthy feelings towards me nursing his baby sister. Well, so much for not rambling!!

Weeks: 24
Weight gain: 20 lbs., I think…I don’t have a scale.
Baby’s size: About 12 inches and a bit over 1 pound.
Changes: I have not being feeling great the past few weeks–stress, nausea, heat, etc. 
Maternity clothes: A decent mix, I’d say. My hips knew what to do this time–I haven’t been able to button any bottoms since about 12 weeks but I just use a rubber band. However, my thighs and butt are starting to not fit either 😉
Best moment this week: We got Brody a baby girl doll. He is so sweet with her and it makes Travis and I so excited! Also, my boobs are all of a sudden huge…to me. I’m not complaining one bit..well neither of us are to be honest! 😉 Also, it’s super fun now that Travis can watch my belly bounce and jiggle when she was kicking like crazy. She is a mover!
Worst moment this week: I’ve been struggling to sleep. I think I just have a lot going on in my head–work stuff, house projects, Brody has outdoor allergies, etc. Plus I can’t sleep on my stomach or back and I’m not too good at sleeping on my sides….oh…and the getting up to pee 3-4 times a night.
Food cravings: They’ve been very similar to last time. Fruit, salads, sandwiches and mexican food.
Food aversions: Not much these days:)At first I couldn’t even stand to drive by In N Out, which made my burger-loving husband quite perplexed. 
Missing anything: Sleeping in. I think I”ll have to wait about 20 years until I get to do that again.:)
Looking forward to: Getting her room ready. We got rid of the bed and tall dresser in there and are now shopping for paint colors and a crib. I can’t wait to see the finished product!
Well, thank you for following along with our lives! This pregnancy has been pretty great and we are so thankful for baby girl’s health. Her ultrasounds all look normal and she is measuring perfectly! Dr. thinks her head will be big just like her big brother’s. Travis and I still look at each other in awe of this little life growing in me. Brody kisses “baby sister” in my tummy on a regular basis but I really think he just thinks my belly button is called “baby sister”!:)
Until next time…
(Thanks hubby for taking these photos real quick! We were on our way to celebrating our 6th Wedding Anniversary so I felt fancy. 😉 )

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