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Baby Girl–27 weeks

Well my intention was to post a picture every two weeks but with a very busy two weeks, it just didn’t happen.
One of the best moments in pregnancy, for me at least, is when you know that your baby will survive outside of the womb. We have passed this point and it feels great. She would need a lot of medical help and have many, many issues but it is comforting for me to know that she’d make it. My BabyCenter App just informed me that we have less than 90 days ’til her due date and that sounds crazy!

Weight gain: 20+lbs.
Baby’s size: About 2 lbs. and is 15 inches long.
Changes: I am completely exhausted but sleeping much better! I think it is a mix of photographing four Weddings in the past month and Brody’s nap being pushed back later in the day. When 1:30pm rolls around, I practically fall asleep with him while reading some bedtime stories. Eating has become interesting–LOTS of small meals throughout the day because my stomach seems to be crowded by a little person.:)
Maternity Clothes: Yes-especially bottoms. I have one pair of pants that can still be buttoned but they were my one pair of pants that always got way too loose to wear not pregnant. Mostly wearing long tanks, maxi skirts, workout clothes and yoga pants.
Best moment this week: Starting to feel where her little body parts are. I can sometimes tell where her back/bottom are and she is a major mover and shaker. We have also had some cooler mornings, which are like heaven for this momma who is basically always over heating these days!
Worst moment this week: Our sweet little boy had his first Emergency Room visit that ended in 4 stitches. Monday night was a mix of panic, calm, tears and thankful hearts. He’s a brave boy and we’re grateful for the awesome nurses and doctors and that daddy was home when it happened! 
Food cravings: Burgers. I also really want cheese and crackers and bread, bread, bread. If only ALL of those calories went to this baby who is fattening up and not to my thighs! She’s a great excuse to eat it, though. I’ll take it!:)
Food aversions: Travis and I went to a Mexican food place this week and I was grossed out–which is weird. I usually LOVE Mexican food.
Missing anything: Not really. Brody is at a really fun age and I’m grateful that this pregnancy is going so smoothly. Maybe I’m missing a tropical vacation…if I’m being honest. 😉
Looking forward to: Nap time…e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. So grateful for naps.
(Thank you to Will and Lindy for treating us to Red Robin to celebrate Travis’ new job! I think that is what started my burger cravings. We are so thankful for you two!!)

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