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As I look back on this past year, for one reason, or a few, I am seeing 2015 as our toughest year yet. Scattered in the tough is, of course, so many great memories. Or more accurately–the tough is scattered amongst so many great blessings. 2015 was very full–full of great joy and deep sadness, many many laughs and a fair share of tears. BUT, there was more triumph than defeat and for that I am grateful. 2016-01-01_0001

2016-01-01_0002Ultimately, I am grateful for God’s promises and how He gets us through it all. Because, really, I can’t do this alone. That has never been more clear to me.

How can 2016 look different? I want it to and I think that it can…with intentionality. So, that is my word for this coming year.


I am going to be more intentional.2016-01-01_00082016-01-01_0005I had to let go of a few things in 2015–some of the things were healthy to let go of, although still difficult. Letting go of these things has given me space to be intentional where it is needed and where being intentional matters.

So often I find myself daydreaming about doing little things for people–Making something that would bring them joy, buying and giving that coffee mug that reminds me of them, praying for friends who cross my mind throughout the day, inviting that new family over for dinner, writing the letter to a long-distance pal, making a double batch of whatever we are having for dinner and dropping it off to that friend who could use the help, hugging my husband more, etc. 2016-01-01_00032016-01-01_0006A few nights ago my husband walked in the door from work and our son ran up to him to greet him screeching, “DADDY!!!”. Then I noticed that our son turned to look at me for my reaction. When I noticed this, I chimed in on the excitement and joined the hugs. I don’t know anything more motivational than knowing that my kids are watching me–more closely than I realize. 2016-01-01_0007So although I am not a New Years resolution kinda girl, this year I am going to have a word. Do you have a word, phrase, verse, etc for your year? How are you consistent and reminded of it throughout the year? Please share! I am thinking of writing it in different places throughout our home but I would love to hear how you’ve been successful.:)Thanks!

Happy New Year, friends!


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