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First Day of School:: Brody & Brinley

We started our Co-op today and phew!…it was a busy, great day!

Brody started T-K(transitional kindergarten) and Brinley started preschool.

FirstDayofschool2017-7-2“Brody, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Brody-“Mom, I think I already told you this. I want to be a policeman.”FirstDayofschool2017-12-2“Brody, what makes you happy?”

Brody-“When I get to play with my friends.”FirstDayofschool2017-19-2“What are you looking forward to at Co-op this year?”

Brody- “When I get to go out and play at the park.”

“How did your first day of school go?”

Brody- “Very good.”
FirstDayofschool2017-13-2“Brinley, what do you want to be when you grow up?”

Brinley-“I want to be ballet when I wake up.”

FirstDayofschool2017-17-2“What makes you happy?”

Brinley-“I don’t know. I want more chips.”:)FirstDayofschool2017-3-2

“How did your first day of school go?”

Brinley-“I be with my friends…with Selah.”FirstDayofschool2017brynn-1It’s tough work being cute, huh sister?FirstDayofschool2017-11-2And here is Beck hangin with his girlfriend in the nursery at Co-op.:)FirstDayofschool2017-34Each mom puts in so much work and I’m so thankful for their dedication to the kids–27 kids to be exact(plus babies)!!

This is an incredible group of kids and moms that we have the privilege of being in community with. Each mom uses her gifts to contribute to our school and I’m impressed by each one of them. I couldn’t teach my kids without them!  :)

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