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Beckham James:: One Year Old

How do I come up with the words when I simply want to pour my heart out? I don’t know how to express the complete love and adoration that I have for Beckham. This boy has completely undone his daddy and me. We are head over heels for him. How can this happen again? God is so, so good.


I’m wondering if this love we have for our baby boy feels like the most redemptive of love because Beckham was our toughest baby and our marriage struggled the most with his arrival. That would make sense, right? God has used Beckham’s precious life to grow our family in some beautiful ways.

I remember thinking when Beckham was born that he would just adapt to our life and we’d all easily welcome this sweet baby into our home. While those things did happen, they didn’t happen as smoothly as I had hoped for. We realized at about two months old that he preferred to sleep on his tummy. This was a HUGE discovery for us–I literally had not put him down for two months as he would scream the moment I put him on his back in a swing, on the couch, in his crib, etc. Isn’t it amazing how quickly we forget these trying times? Thank God for that!

Three months old brought lots of great times of watching our boy be happy! Beckham had the BEST gummy smile. Every smile that he made, we would comment how we just wish it’d stay like that forever.


Six months old brought the head of fuzz! He had a solid head of strawberry blonde hair just like his big brother did at that age. Six months did not bring sleeping through the night… but that didn’t happen for Beckham until he was done breastfeeding around 1 year old. I remember loving his snuggles even in the middle of the night. And anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE sleep. God gives us an undeniable adoration of our children and the desire to care for them is deep.

Beckham 6 months -3Beckham 6 months -14

We kept the tradition up and Beckham’s first food that he tried was sweet potatoes just like his big sibs. He was not a fan ha! It took a big longer for him to love food.

Family Portraits Fall 2017-17

Family Portraits Fall 2017-6Family Portraits Fall 2017-12Beckham loved finger foods around 8 months old and would the drool buckets daily! He loved sucking on his fingers, finally didn’t hate the carseat and loved being outside with his big brother and sister! Crawling around was the best! He’d screech and crawl for Travis to pick him up whenever he’d come home from work. Beckham got his first tooth at 10 months old and still only has 7 teeth at 17 months old! The dentist said he is behind on his teeth but that he thinks that is actually a good thing.:)

Beckham 6 months -17Beck 14 months-2

We celebrated Beckham’s First birthday with family and friends and just loved reflecting on his precious first year! He’s LOUD, happy, adventurous and loves animals.

Summer 2018-1

Beckham has LOVED summertime and has been such a JOY! He loves food, exploring outside, sucking his thumb and playing chase. He is just now starting to love books and is imitating our words. He only says a few words consistently like “dada” “dogdog” “hot” “hi” “baba”. He signs “more” and “all done”. He’s more of a grunter. 😉 FourthOfJuly-1Beckham James, you are a gift from God. Your dad, sister, brother and I love spending time with you, getting your slobbery kisses and watching you learn. We pray that your life would be full and that you would know how much you are loved!

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