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Chico, CA Family Photographer:: Davids Family

What a complete joy it is to look through photos and see smiles on cute, little faces! The Davids family is full of cuteness. 

These girls are great sisters to each other and their younger brother. The oldest is the protective leader of the group. The younger sister is super giggly and not afraid to scrape a knee. Their brother–well, he is the apple of their eye. He points to stuff, they get it for him. If he wants something and they can reach it for him–it is his! I love seeing these kids grow up and we enjoy their family so much!
Enjoy a few photos from their Family session. It is hard to narrow it down so know that there are lots more for me to smile over:)

 Kisses for Daddy are so sweet!

 That vest!
 She is the spunky one who has stolen my heart! Love these little ones…
The older sister who, as you can see, is not comfortable in front of the camera whatsoever!;)
They were giggling while sitting on this fence–I just love sisters!
 Once we introduced throwing leaves in the air, it didn’t stop!:)
Jeff and Kristi looking as young and in love as ever!
 I’ll end with this fun–the girls decided to throw leaves on mommy and daddy during their photos! 
Thank you so much, Davids family! 
Oh, and Kristi is a very talented seamstress. She made the girl’s dresses for these photos and you should see the stash in their dress-up boxes! Lucky girls!
November 14, 2012 - 12:53 am

Katie Cook - seriously AMAZING!!! Danielle, you are sooo talented, and I LOVE these pictures! I'm sure they will be up on my fridge soon:) love Katie

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